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Highclass software for the Graphic-Industry

 Unternehmensberatung Dieckmann

 is partner of the graphic industry for more than 40 years.

 Many well-known companies in Europe and abroad are using Dieckmann-software
 to their best satisfaction since many years.

 Best reputation for highest accuracy and quality, proved in numerous
 customer tests.

 Easy adaptability to all kinds of operating-systems, text- / typesetting- and
 publishing-programs and character-encoding.

 The software is available as:
  - Source Code
  - Dynamic libraries for Windows, Mac or Linux


 The vocabulary of languages is never complete.
 New words are added almost daily:
  - Foreign language expressions
  - Terms of youth language
  - Terms of technology, medicine, science
  - New compound words etc.

 Therefore DIHYPH hyphenation and DITECT spelling-check are adapted
 at short intervals which gives them a highly topical vocabulary.

 The updates are available on request.

Statistics since 8.2016:
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