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DITECT - Spelling Check

Rechtschreibung, ortografia

DITECT-programs are now available for 49 natural languages.

DITECT is a subroutine-system to be integrated into a word-processing- or
typesetting-program to check written text (a single word, a sentence or a text
block) for spelling mistakes.

DITECT for every language uses a strongly compressed binary file as a base-
dictionary that cannot be changed or updated by user.
Based on this dictionary and special program-algorithms to handle word-endings
and compounds, DITECT is able to recognize e.g. for German language far more
than 4 Mio. words.
Besides that these base-dictionaries are constantly increased by us whenever
new words are found.

Words not found in dictionary or exception-file by DITECT are marked as errors
together with an error description. User may decide if these words are really
incorrect or correct. When such a word is correct, user may store it immediately
so it is known to DITECT from then on, but before storing, user has to decide
between unimportant and important words:
Unimportant words, such as foreign names a.o. in most cases are only used
short-term and seldom occur later. Words like that are stored short-term so that
DITECT will not mark them as erroneous on every occurrence again.
User may decide wether or not to erase them at end of job.
Important words are stored permanently in exception-file. Words like that
are known to DITECT just as words in base-dictionary.

Proposal word list.

When DITECT marks a word as erroneous or incorrect, it extracts max. 20
of the most similar words from dictionary.
These words are starting with a number indicating percentage of similarity and
may be used for correction, e.g.:
prominenze     = incorrect spelling !
percent proposed words
90 prominence
81 prominences
80 prominent
80 prominency
72 prominently


In many languages there are word-combinations such as the following German ones,
which DITECT is able to recognize correctly even when not stored in dictionary.

1.  Gustav-Peter
     Brokat- und Seidenstoffe
     Müllabfuhr und -entsorgung
     Ablesungs- und Messungs-Methode    usw.

2.  Schweinebauch  ( wg.  Schwein, Bauch )
     Ordnungsfall   ( wg.  Ordnung, Fall )    usw.

False error reports

Many text documents contain expressions such as foreign names unknown
to spelling check programs.
Such words are marked as errors and a replacement list is displayed for
But when such a word is not erroneous it is very irritating to see it
marked again and again throughout the text document.
DITECT can prevent this.