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DIHYPH - Hyphenations

Division ou coupure des mots, division (silabica), divisione delle parole (in sillabe)

are available for 52 different natural languages.
Other languages are in preparation.

since more than 40 years now are world wide part of renowned typesetting-,
text- and publishing-systems on all sorts of operating systems.

after years of development give highest quality and variety, confirmed by
numerous comparative tests with other programs carried out by our clients.

are not dictionary- but algorithm-based.
Algorithm is following the grammatical rules of each language.
Where the rules are insufficient (combined words, special expressions,
foreign words), they are corrected by program tables consisting of critical
letter combinations, word connections etc.

are of highest accuracy even with new word creations and foreign expressions,
and they are very fast.

not only split words with highest accuracy but also complicated combinations
of letters and other characters, combinations too numerous to be stored into
dictionaries, e.g. M./Laibach Hohl-(Decken-)Ziegel CAD-/CAM-School ISDN//Abo
especially with justified text, to get all possible hyphenations is indisputable,
else you end up with unacceptable long gaps in text lines.

contain language dependant default values for minimum length of words and
first/last syllable, forbidden hyphenations etc. that may be redefined by user.

are able to learn:
Complete or truncated words may be stored into editable exception diction-
aries, several of them accessable by hyphenation simultaneously.

may be adapted easily to every character coding even by end-user.

are C-language subroutines adaptable to special text- /typesetting-commands.

are defining quality ranking 1 - 5 for every hyphen position.
User himself may define which ranking he wants for aesthetic line-breaking.
Quality ranking numbers 1 - 5 may also be inserted in exception dictionaries.

Examples showing effect of quality ranking

Ranking 1 Ranking 5
micro-organism microor-ganism
mis-informed misin-formed
per-secute perse-cute
chemo-therapy chemother-apy

Some other hyphenation programs

sometimes don't find all or even no splitting points e.g.
 ac-coun-tantship  af-forestable  af-tertreat-ment  am-phithe-atre
 an-techam-ber  anisochro-mat-ic  au-toim-mu-ni-ty  au-toload
 barhop-ping  biofeed-back  busi-nesslike  can-dleshine
 char-tographist  con-sul-tantship  corkscrew-ing  demigod-dess
 fetishism  germproofs  halftones  housemistress
 lifeboat  megabytes  menageries  minibusses
 printshop  monogamist  newsagency  oceanographist
 overassertive  peachtree  peepshow  phonorecords
 photoflash  playschool  prairielike  princesslike
 pushchair  restartable  riverbeds  roentgenographs
 rollerblade  salesroom  schoolmistress  scriptwriter
 shipload  shoelaces  shoplifters  shrinkhead
 snakebite  snowflakes  steamships  stereotomist
 stopover  teleprompter  theomythologer  timetable

and many more ...

Precisely often these missing hyphens are the joints between compound words and therefore just the
best quality hyphenations (DIHYPH ranking 1).
Such long unhyphenated letter strings are leading to distorted meaning and huge gaps in textlines !

DIHYPH-hyphenation does it much better !