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DITECT Test-/Demo-Program "DTTEST"


Please create directory \ditect on your disk and copy all
delivered files into it. Then change directory:
cd \ditect

Program test-example

Please start test-example by:

DTTEST  nn  DTnn.TXT             (nn = language-no., e.g. 40)

DTnn.TXT is a file holding text to be checked.
As described under "Start of program" the program will display spelling
errors and unknown expressions (one word per line) and stores them into
file "DTnnEXC.01".

Program DTTEST is just a demo- / test-version of DITECT.
DITECT delivered by us consists of a number of C-sources and disk-files to
be linked into typesetting-/text-systems using editing functions provided there.

Start of program:

cd  \ditect
DTTEST  nn                           or
DTTEST  nn  infile                   or
DTTEST  nn  infile  outfile  (v:) 
         |    |        |      |_____ Display of proposal words for correction.
         |    |        |               May be defined in any case !
         |    |        |____________ Output file optional (only if "infile")
         |    |_____________________ Input file  optional
         |__________________________ Language-no., e.g. 40 = German
When [infile] is missing, text-input is awaited via keyboard.


One single word per line, ended by ENTER-key or

multiple words per line are interpreted as text-sentence.
When DITECT finds input like that, it checks it word by word
and then tries to find next start-of-sentence, until end-of-text
is reached.

If DITECT finds an error,
- the word is displayed on screen with error markings included.
- if parameter (v:) is defined, proposal words are displayed.

Error markings have following meaning:
~ start of incorrect spelling.
< incorrect small initial letter.
> incorrect capital initial letter.
and some other markings for doubles, missing gap and refused writing.

When an output file [outfile] is defined the original text from [infile],
with error markings included, is written into [outfile].

Words marked as errors are automatically stored in "short-" and "medium-term"
file (DTnnEXC.*) except words with incorrect capital/small initial letter
at start of sentences.

Before next start of program files DTnnEXC.* and DTnnTMP.* should be erased !