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DITECT UTF-8 Version

Character coding

When input to DITECT is in UTF8 coding, this code is converted
into ISO-8859 code internally.
If needed ISO-code is converted back to UTF8-code.

UTF8-programs differ from standard DIHYPH / DITECT as follows:

All UTF8-modules have the same type of name:

 | | |_____  UTF8 version
 | |
 | |_______  ??? unspecific letters
 |_________  h  = for DIHYPH program
 |_________  t  = for DITECT program
 |_________  m  = for DIHYPH and DITECT

To link DITECT according to installation description, following
programs and files have to be used for UTF8-coding:
file           instead of     for
__________     __________     _______________________

DTTST8UC.c     DTTEST.c       DITECT-testprogram   *)

DTECT8UC.c     DTECT.c        DITECT

DMUTF8UC.c     (additional C-source)

DMRDWTUC.c     (additional C-source)              **)

DMCREPUC.c     (additional C-source)

DMCREPUC       (additional code file)

*) used for testprograms only !
**) used for Exception and testprograms !

DITECT has to be called by text-/publishing system by:
rc = DTECT (line, nn);
             |    |____  (integer)  language-no.  1 - 40
             |_________  UTF8 character string.

DITECT test program:

dttst8uc  nn  file
          |    |_____  UTF8 coded file with test words (1 per line)
          |__________  language-no.  1 - 40