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DIHYPH test-/demo-program "DHTEST"

DHTEST (or: DHTESTX) is an executable demo- or test-version of DIHYPH.
DIHYPH delivered by us consists of a number of C-sources and disk-files to be
linked into a text-/publishing-system.

Installation of test-program

Please create directory \dihyph on your disk and copy all delivered
files into it. Then change directory:
cd \dihyph

Program test-example

Please start test-program by:

DHTESTX  nn  <DHnn.TXT             (nn = language-no., e.g. 40)

DHnn.TXT e.g. "<DH40.TXT" is a file holding words line by line.
If a filename is not defined the words must be typed in line by line ended
by ENTER-key.

When input test word contains no hyphens, the program displays a line
showing input word and hyphenation result with all hyphens found.

When input test word contains all possible hyphens (e.g: hy-phen-ation)
a resulting line is displayed only when hyphens found by program are
different from input.
Combined word hyphens (Jo-Ann) must be typed in as slash (Jo/Ann) !

End-of-file condition or ENTER-key hit at start of line ends the program
and displays hyphenation statistics.

All files are expected by the program in directory "\DIHYPH" !